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Mailing Address:

Music Building
North Yard
Cambridge, MA 02138

Fax: 617-496-8081

For GPS/mapping software:

Harvard Department of Music
1 Oxford Street (Science Center)*
Cambridge, MA 02138

*the music building does not have a street address. It is located behind the Science Center in Harvard's North Yard.

Directions and Parking


[Click here for Faculty Profiles]

Carolyn Abbate
Richard Beaudoin

Andrew Clark.
Suzannah Clark...

Federico Cortese...
Chaya Czernowin.
Christopher Hasty
Vijay Iyer
Jill Johnson

Thomas F. Kelly...
Robert D. Levin...
Ingrid Monson...
Carol J. Oja. ..
Alexander Rehding
Sindumathi Revuluri...
Kay Kaufman Shelemay
... Anne C. Shreffler...
Daniel Stepner..
Hans Tutschku
Katherine van Orden
Richard K. Wolf..



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Lesley Bannatyne
Kaye Denny
Alison Hearn
Eva Kim
Jean Moncrieff
Abby Rahn
Karen Rynne
Nancy Shafman
Charles Stillman
Seth Torres

Fernando Viesca


Piano Technical Services
Loeb Music Library
Isham Library
Electronic Music Studios
Ethnomusicology Lab
Collection of Instruments
Director of Bands and Jazz   Performance


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