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New for Fall 2015

[selected offerings]
280. Theorizing Improvisation. Vijay Iyer
VES 162g: Water Musics: a dialogue of electroacoustic music and moving images.
Hans Tutschku/Alfred Guzetti
175r: Schubert.
Federico Cortese
189 Chamber Music
The Parker Quartet
193r Blackface Minstrelsy in 19th-c America.
Carol J. Oja


FIRST NIGHTS Five Performance Premieres
AESTH&INTP 24: Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 24
Prof. Thomas F. Kelly

















Music Department Courses


2014 Course placement exam for Music 51
Wed., Aug. 27 9-11am in Room 9
Makeup exam: Fri. Aug. 29 1-3pm in Room 9*

All students are welcome to take the 2014 Music Placement Exam. The exam is required for anyone wishing to take Music 51a in Fall 2014. In addition, the exam has many other applications: (1) to identify students who are able to place out of 51a and move directly into Music 51b or, in rare cases, directly into Music 150a, (2) to recommend students toward Music 2, (3) to determine Advanced Standing.

Topics will include reading music (treble & bass clefs) and identifying scales, keys (major & minor), chords, harmonic progressions, rhythm and meter. There will also be an aural skills diagnostic and a questionnaire about your musical background and current pursuits in music.

Students who have passed the exam in prior years but who have not yet taken Music 51a must appear and complete the first portion of the 2014 exam. 
All students wishing to take Music 51a this coming semester must take the exam and attend the first lecture of the course. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

—Dr. Richard Beaudoin  

*If you cannot attend either of Placement Exam times, please contact the Head Teaching Fellow, Olivia Lucas:

As of 2014, undergraduates are eligible to receive Harvard College credit in the following PERFORMANCE courses:

Music 10hfr. Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra

Federico Cortese, conductor of the HRO

12hfr. The Harvard Dance Project
Music 12hfr. The Harvard Dance Project

Jill Johnson, Director of Dance

Music 14hfr. Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum

Music 15hfr. Harvard Glee Club

Music 16hfr. Radcliffe Choral Society

Andrew Clark, Director of the Holden Choruses

Music 189r. Chamber Music Performance

Parker Quartet









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