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Course Schedule 2013-2014
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Jazz faculty prepare for graduation. LISTEN to student work "The Joint Fracture" from a recent Jazz Harmony class.

Composer/lyricist/actor Lin-Manuel Miranda visits Professor Carol Oja's class, "American Musicals, American Culture," to talk with students about his Broadwayexperiences with "In the Heights." Manuel's visit to campus was made possible through the Office for the Arts.














Music Department Courses

New for Spring 2014

Music 173r. Creative Music: Critical Practice Studio - (New)

Vijay Iyer

Half course (spring term). Tu., 7–9 p.m.(Room 6)
This course is an intensive, research-oriented workshop environment for advanced improviser-composers. Through critical listening, readings, term papers, and collaborative musical projects, students will engage with a range of contemporary musical perspectives and practices.
Enrollment: Limited to 20. Open by submission of recordings, or permission of the instructor.

Note: Between December 21 and January 13, each student should submit a recording, up to fifteen minutes in length, of your performance, solo or with a group, of your own compositions or those of others, and featuring solo or group improvisation. Please provide details about the music -- instrumentation, repertoire, personnel, date of recording, and any other relevant descriptive information. Audio should be submitted via sharing links to YouTube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, or similar. Submit links to Please do not email files.

NEW in 2014-14: Undergraduates are eligible to receive Harvard College credit in the following new courses:

Music 10hfr. Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra

Federico Cortese

Half course (throughout the year). M., Th., 7–9:30 p.m. (Sanders)
This is an experiential learning course. The ensemble gives several concerts each year, sometimes joining with the chorus to perform large-scale works. Students are required to attend all rehearsals and certain special Saturday "retreats" announced in advance. Students are expected to practice the music outside the rehearsal time. Grades are based on attendance and participation.
Note: This course may be taken repeatedly, but to receive credit the course must be taken in the Fall and Spring semesters consecutively. A maximum of four semesters (two years) may be counted as credit towards the degree.

Enrollment: By audition prior to first class meeting of the year.

12hfr. The Harvard Dance Project
Music 12hfr. The Harvard Dance Project

Jill Johnson

Half course (throughout the year). Tu/Th 3-6 (Dance Center)
The Harvard Dance Project cultivates invention. This new faculty-led, student performance company gives students the opportunity to be original cast members and collaborators in two or more diverse dance works created by professional choreographers, including a new installation by Dance Director, Jill Johnson in the fall term of 2013. The project focuses on performance research, collaboration, choreographic composition, and links choreographic thinking to other fields. This studio based course includes at least six performances at major venues on campus. No written assignments.
Note: The course is graded SAT/UNSAT based on attendance and participation. Auditors welcome. This course may be taken repeatedly, but to receive credit the course must be taken in the Fall and Spring semesters consecutively. A maximum of four semesters (two years) may be counted as credit towards the degree.
Enrollment: Students choosen by workshop audition held at the start of the fall semester.

[Music 14hfr. Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum]

[Music 15hfr. Harvard Glee Club]

[Music 16hfr. Radcliffe Choral Society]

Bracketed courses to be offered in 2014-2015


Music 180: Performance & Analysis

Half course. Tu. 7-10pm (Room 9)

Dan Stepner with Jeremy Denk, Yo-Yo Ma, Menaham Pressler.
Weekly master classes and intermittent private coachings. Chamber music of the past and persent is prepared for performance in class sessions and private coachings. Intensive class analysis as the basis of musical experession and interpretation. Open to singers and instrumentalists.
By audition only, prior to the first meeting. Sign-up sheet in Music Building.

Music 127r: Conducting
Beethoven Symphonies and Quartets.

The course focuses on parallel development of the symphonic and quartet style in Beethoven. Conductors will learn the basic technique and rehearsal skills while conducting the works with two pianos and a string group. String players will perform the selected Beethoven quartets and also serve as a string group for the conductors. A moderate amount of analysis and historical background of the pieces will be discussed.
Note: At the first class meeting appropriate skills levels will be evaluated.


UPDATES FOR Spring 2014

MUS 173r, Vijay Iyer: CREATIVE MUSIC
Mus 10hfr./12hfr
CREDIT for HRO, Dance

MUS 180, PERFORMANCE & ANALYSIS. Dan Stepner with guests Jeremy Denk, Yo-Yo Ma, Menaham Pressler

Music 127r: CONDUCTING
Beethoven Symphonies and Quartets.
Federico Cortese




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